We understand how frustrating it can be when you log in to the Tracker to check on the location of your loved one only to find that the watch has not updated its location since earlier that day or even sometimes the day before. The watch is switched on and fully charged but despite it moving to new locations, the last known location does not change.

This typically happens due to a loss of connection between the device and the server. This is unfortunately beyond our control as it is usually network related and is similar to when you lose the WIFI connection on your mobile for example. In this case you would typically search for WIFI again in your mobile settings and reconnect.

We have introduced a new ‘Reconnect’ feature within a recent software update which now allows users to force the device to reconnect with the server and begin tracking again. This feature is easy to navigate within the tracker and we believe it to be an effective solution for when a device loses its server connection.

This feature is available in both the Android and Apple apps as well as in our desktop version.

Included below are step by step instructions for accessing the Reconnect feature within the app. You can access this feature via the desktop login by going to DEVICES at the top of the page.

  1. Open the Settings menu in the bottom right of the screen and tap on My Devices

  1. Select the Device you wish to Reconnect from the left menu pane, and then tap on Watch Commands

  1. Tap on the blue Reconnect button

  1. A popup will appear to confirm the message was sent to the device. Allow 5-10 minutes for the message to be received and then check on the location within the Homescreen