Turn your smartphone into a safety device

Simply download the TicTocPhone app onto the device you wish to monitor and if you aren’t already a customer download the TicTocTrack monitoring app and register as a user. Once you have paired the device with TicTocTrack you can monitor your loved ones mobile phone the same way you can with the TicTocTrack watch.

Add a single device for as little as $3.49/month*
*7 day free trial with no lock in contracts. Monthly cost reduces the more devices you add.

How can TicTocPhone help you?

Now you can use the same great software platform that customers have used for years to monitor
their TicTocTrack watches, to monitor mobile devices.


Download the Monitoring App

If you are new to TicTocTrack before you can monitor a mobile device you will need to download our monitoring app and create a user profile. You will then be able to add the device you wish to monitor.

Pair the Device

Once the person has added your phone to their monitoring app your will receive an SMS to pair your device and give permission for them to monitor your location. To pair your device with the monitoring app download TicTocPhone and follow the simple set up instructions.

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