Acquisition News

iStaySafe Acquires Find-Me Technologies, Strengthens position in the IoT Industry Australian safety-tech trailblazer, iStaySafe, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Find-Me Technologies (FMT): a Brisbane company that has developed and brought to market a bespoke wearable device for the aged care and lone worker markets. By expanding the company’s product portfolio and moving into [...]


5 important tell-tale signs of the new ‘catfisher’ The internet has opened up a world of opportunity to help our children learn, grow and expand their knowledge: but it can also expose them to various online dangers. With social media becoming more effective in driving connectivity and communication, it, unfortunately, makes it easier for children [...]


TicTocTrack Watch Care Tip #1 - WiFi Hot Spots Built into our bespoke software is our WiFi HotSpot feature. This feature is designed to allow the TicTocTrack device to recognise assigned trusted locations and will assist in reducing the drain on the battery. This feature is suited to users that wear their device in 1-2 [...]

The Davey Family travel to Bali with TicTocTrack

  Tegan, Leigh and there adorable children from Wander to Wonder Oz recently travelled to Bali and took our watches with them to allow for some additional peace of mind on their holiday. Here is what they had to say about their experience overseas with TicTocTrack. "After 8 months of continuous travel around Australia in [...]

$1,000,000 Matched Investor Funding From QLD Government

Child Safety Software TicTocTrack ® Receives $1,000,000 Matched Investor Funding From QLD Government Australian safetytech trailblazers, TicTocTrack®, have received a major matched investment from the Queensland government to the tune of $1,000,000, following the initial $1,000,000 capital raise in July 2018. With new funding from the QLD Business Development Fund (BDF), TicTocTrack® will better be [...]


The once-complex task of driving a car only again becomes complicated when we have to teach our own children to drive. Just as we no longer pay heed to all the small steps which go together to make the car drive smoothly, we have forgotten all the small steps it takes to start the school [...]

Top 3 Tips For Banishing Bullying

While keeping a good line of communication open between you and your child's school is vital to addressing and preventing bullying, there are also some steps you can take with your child to arm them with skills and strategies to stop bullying - or make them less likely to be targeted in the first place. [...]

Helicopter Parenting In the Age of Technology

Jennifer Lewis, mother of three, experienced the longest 10 minutes of her life when she lost track of her daughter in a Brisbane shopping mall. Thanks to TicTocTrack , the world's smallest GPS smart tracking watch, Ms Lewis found her child safe and sound. “I don’t like the idea of being a ‘helicopter mother’ but [...]