iStaySafe Acquires Find-Me Technologies,
Strengthens position in the IoT Industry

Australian safety-tech trailblazer, iStaySafe, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Find-Me Technologies (FMT): a Brisbane company that has developed and brought to market a bespoke wearable device for the aged care and lone worker markets. By expanding the company’s product portfolio and moving into new market verticals, this acquisition supports iStaySafe’s ambition to become a leader in the personal safety market.

To date, iStaySafe’s focus has been on the child safety market, with its flagship child safety smartwatch and software, TicTocTrack® experiencing a 600% sales growth over just two years. The acquisition of FMT – a specialist in personal tracking solutions – is a strategic move, bringing together two safety-focused tech companies with complementary products and customer bases.

“This is a very exciting, transformational period for iStaySafe! The synergies created through this acquisition will generate enormous value for our customers. The combination of FMT’s expertise in bespoke GPS hardware and software solutions and iStaySafe’s innovative software platforms, means that customers can look forward to more robust, intelligent and accurate GPS services from both companies; meaning better monitoring and safety than ever for their loved ones —young and older” said Karen Cantwell, CEO & Director, iStaySafe.

As FMT becomes part of iStaySafe’s group of companies, both companies will offer new capabilities and products that will further drive the IoT in Australia. This includes the creation of new safety products, services and experiences, and better ways to engineer, manufacture, design and operate user-friendly platforms.

“FMT is excited to join forces with iStaySafe as we launch our new device, K.I.T Connectivity Solutions. This proprietary mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) is a best-in-class device for the aged care, disability and lone worker markets. The FMT team brings technical and commercial expertise that can be applied across all products and market verticals in the combined entity,” said Rachel Boden CEO, FMT

Both iStaySafe and FMT have matched investment recipients of the Queensland Business Development Fund (BDF), which is a program committed to supporting innovation, growing jobs and strengthening the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The BDF provides a great platform for start-ups to succeed, learn from each other, and even work together. iStaySafe and FMT are both BDF success stories, and now we will be joining forces to take innovative hardware and safety technology in Australia to the next level. We have a similar culture of innovation as well as the experience and expertise required to deliver the best customer and employee experiences, that in turn result in market-leading safety solutions for our clients,” added Karen Cantwell.

The acquisition opens up exciting opportunities for iStaySafe to venture into different verticals, foster more significant partnerships, and expand its company portfolio.

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About the Queensland Government Business Development Fund (BDF)

Ms Trad said the BDF is a key plank of the Advance Queensland strategy which supports programs that drive innovation, build on Queensland’s natural advantages, and help to raise the State’s profile as an attractive investment destination. The Fund invests up to $2.5 million, alongside private sector co-investors, to help businesses transform their ideas and innovations into a commercial reality. BDF investment decisions are made by an independent panel that assesses each application on their merits, with Fund activity overseen by QIC (formerly Queensland Investment Corporation).