Heading up the Amazon

Heading up the Amazon

I recently travelled to Brazil for a combination of business and pleasure with 5 other women, prior to leaving we were constantly warned about the dangers involved in travelling to this country. SmartTraveller http://smartraveller.gov.au/countries/brazil provided the following warning:

We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Brazil due to high levels of serious and violent crime, particularly in major cities. You should pay close attention to your personal security at all times. Monitor the media and other sources about possible new security risks.

In addition to the security warning there was also the outbreak of Zika that happened just before we left so protection from Mosquitoes was a must as well.  The Mosquito protection was easy – we headed to the local chemist for some heavy duty mozzie repellent and picked up the obligatory Malaria tablets for our side trip to the Amazon. The next job was to sort out our safety which is where TicTocTrack came in handy.

View from Amazon Jungle Lodge

Each of us were given a TicTocTrack watch linked to a user account that everyone back home could log in to at any time to see where we were. On any given day they could open up the app on their phone and see us travelling around Rio de Janeiro, dancing in the Sambadrome, lying on Copacabana beach or trekking through the Amazon Jungle! It even tracked us as we hiked our way 2.2klm through the rainforest up to the Christ the Redeemer monument – a hike not for the faint hearted I must add!

Screen Shots from the TicTocTrack app

In the Amazon I had no 3/4G signal on my phone so could not check the app myself but was puzzled as my watch showed full service. “It must be a mistake I thought” but I wasn’t mistaken it was receiving full 2G signal and so although I couldn’t check the app on my 3G phone the watch was sending location data back to the software platform so everyone back home could see where we were going.


Carnivale Rio de Janeiro – The Sambadrome

In Rio de Janeiro TicTocTrack came in handy for the women in our group who trained each day back home, as this was a city where we were warned not to take our mobile phones out on the street for fear of being robbed. So for these women they were still able to have their morning run while wearing their TicTocTrack watch knowing that if they felt unsafe at any time they could use the SOS button on the watch and if they weren’t back by a certain time the rest of us in the group could either call their watch or see where they were on the app. Overall we didn’t feel threatened at any time during our trip but definitely enjoyed (as our families did) the peace of mind knowing we had the security of TicTocTrack on our wrists.

So if you are planning a trip overseas taking a TicTocTrack watch with not only allows your family to see come along on the journey with you via the app but also provides some added security for people of all ages.

In terms of costs and plans the TicTocTrack International Traveller plan is a great option where you can rent the watch to use while you travel and then send it back when you are home. More information can be found here: http://tictoctrack.com/tictoctraveller/