Here are some answers to a number of commonly asked questions relating to the current Australian 2G model. If your question isn’t covered below please contact us.

If you forget your username or password simply request a new one via the login screen on the desktop platform. Please note if you change your password via the ‘My Account’ section of our website this will not change the password to log in to the TicTocTrack monitoring platform as they are two separate systems.
Yes we have tested the monitoring platform in all popular web browsers and it functions in all browsers.
You watch is delivered to you configured and ready to use. The user manual for setting up and using the desktop and mobile apps for monitoring is available for download on our website here. However we understand that you may still have questions so feel free to call us at 1300 TRACK ME and we’ll be happy to step you through the process.
As you may have read or heard in the media the network providers in Australia will be shutting down their 2G networks during 2017. Telstra will be shutting off 2G from December 2016 and then Optus will follow in April 2017 with Vodafone towards the end of the year. As such we are committed to developing alternative solutions for our customers. For the immediate future all our watches will be supplied with a Vodafone 2G SIM as they will be continuing to support 2G the longest, while we work with our manufacturers to develop a 3G solution that will provide greater choice when it comes to the SIM a customer can use in their watch. Sign up to our newsletter as we’ll make sure that any developments are communicated to all our customers via that medium well in advance of any significant changes. If you want to check coverage for your area click here.
We would recommend you turn your watch off to charge the battery to ensure it fully charges. We also suggest you charge it each day rather than waiting for the ‘low power alarm’ SMS as this message will be deducted from your monthly SMS allowance. Please also only charge the battery for the time specified in the instruction manual and don’t leave it on charge overnight.
Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time either by logging in via the ‘My Account’ area of our website or if you pay via paypal in the ‘profile’ section of your paypal account.
TicTocTrack uses GPS technology to identify the location of the watch therefore the watch needs to be able to locate a satellite. Tunnels/buildings or densely populated areas can make it difficult for the GPS antenna to lock onto a satellite signal.If you wish to force the watch to generate the best possible location you can send the “Location” command to the watch via SMS. Simply SMS #location#000000# to the mobile number of your watch and you will receive a text message back with the location.
Drift can occur with high sensitivity GPS receivers in areas where the device ‘sees’ multiple signals. This can happen when the signal is reflected off obstructions such as tall buildings, walls, tree cover etc and can cause an abrupt change in location. This generally occurs when the watch is stationary.
TicTocTrack communicates with the satellites every 5 minutes unless an SOS has been triggered then it communicates every 20 seconds. If a successful location is generated that information is noted on the monitoring platform, if the watch cannot generate a location i.e. the watch is inside then it will continue trying every 5 minutes until it locates. To see the frequency and results of every communication from the watch you can run the tracking records reports from your monitoring platform.
You can link up to 3 mobile phone numbers for the alerts to be sent to. Please note that each SMS alert is counted towards your monthly plan so if you have 3 phones linked for example then 3 SMS will be used for each alert triggered.
Yes you can take TicTocTrack with you when you travel, simply choose one of our International Roaming travel plans (found under the ‘Accessories’ tab on the website) to cover the time you are away.
Yes, if you have a voice plan you can make calls from the watch to either of the first 2 linked mobile phones. These voice minutes are deducted from your plan however any calls you make to the watch do not incur any charges from us. So we would recommend if your loved one calls you have them hang up and then call them back so you can talk as long as you like.
The same way you would SMS a mobile phone. Open up messages put in the mobile number for your watch and send the message, the wearer of the watch will receive a tone to let them know they have received a message and then they can read it on the screen. To re-read a message lightly press the SOS button to bring it up again. Messages aren’t stored in the watch so the next message you send will delete the previous one. To scroll up or down through a message use the + or – volume buttons.
The TicTocTrack watch is water resistant. If it is splashed with water, caught out in the rain etc. it will be fine. It isn’t however designed to be worn while swimming or bathing.
The TicTocTrack watch is covered under a 12 month manufacturers warranty. For details of the warranty and what is covered please visit our store policies page.

Yes. Existing customers will be offered a new watch connected to 3G at a discounted price

No. The 3G network requires different hardware in the watch.

The 2G Optus network will be unavailable from April 2017, the 2G Vodafone network will be unavailable from September 2017 and the 2G Telstra network will be unavailable from December 2016. TicTocTrack watches currently operate on either the Optus or Vodafone networks.

We cannot confirm an exact upgrade price at this stage but we will be providing 3G watches to existing customers at the lowest possible amount to ensure our customers are not unduly inconvenienced.

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