The great people
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We are fortunate to partner with a number of Companies that have worked with us from inception and continue to support us so that we can bring this solution to market.

These businesses are like family and as such we only choose to align ourselves with organisations that share our passion for keeping people safe. We encourage you to visit their websites and find out a bit more about each of these great organisations.


Kore Wireless

KORE Wireless supplies us with the SIM cards to allow TicTocTrack to communicate with you when an alert is activated. KORE Wireless is the world’s largest specialized provider of wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace, powering hundreds of solution providers and application providers worldwide, including everything from vehicle location to utility metering, payment processing, landfill monitoring, asset management, offender tracking and more.



Due to the sensitive nature of the data that is transmitted via our tracking platform we believed it was important to work with an Australian hosting provider that could provide us a dedicated, secure and reliable server platform. 6YS is that company – formed in 2003 6YS was set up to provide businesses with a better way to manage their IT. Our partnership with 6YS ensures that iStaySafe and our customers can be confident that all data is kept secure.

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Let us choose the right plan for you!

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