7 Healthy Holiday Snacks for Kids!

Think of snacks that will sustain the kids longer rather than give them big spikes (and then big falls) in their blood sugar. (avoid the biscuits and chips) Whip up some fried/scrambled eggs, or keep a bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge handy (just halve them with a knife, add salt and serve). Coconut [...]

We’ve got your back!

At TicTocTrack we understand how important it is that you stay connected to your loved ones. With the networks beginning their 2G shutdown over the next 12 months we are making sure that we can continue to give your loved ones the freedom to explore. We are busily developing our 3G TicTocTrack watch with some [...]

Laserforce Brisbane discount PARTY’s for TicTocTrack customers in November!

Classic & Labyrinth Parties (2 hours) normally $29.99 p/p, TicTocTrack customer $26.99 p/p! Partyforce Party (3hrs) normally $37.99 TicTocTrack customer $34.99 p/p And, all party bookings in November go in the draw to WIN a TicTocTrack watch! Remember to mention TicTocTrack when you book. Click here for more info.

Keep your kids safe from home chemicals!

In Australian homes each year 2,000 children are hospitalised due to poisoning. Do you have all your chemicals out of reach of little hands? Information courtesy of http://www.kidsafe.com.au/

Freedom benefits children’s wellbeing

Research reports increased wellbeing in children that have the freedom to travel independently. How have you introduced unaccompanied travel to your child? New research reports children who have freedom to move from A to B by themselves – rather than depending on adults to take them places – experience improved wellbeing. Dr Lisa Gibbs from the [...]


The once-complex task of driving a car only again becomes complicated when we have to teach our own children to drive. Just as we no longer pay heed to all the small steps which go together to make the car drive smoothly, we have forgotten all the small steps it takes to start the school [...]

Top 3 Tips For Banishing Bullying

While keeping a good line of communication open between you and your child's school is vital to addressing and preventing bullying, there are also some steps you can take with your child to arm them with skills and strategies to stop bullying - or make them less likely to be targeted in the first place. [...]